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Training culture is a phrase mentioned a lot to (human) students at RYP...What is training culture exactly? It's a symbiotic relationship with your canine companion achievable once both ends of the leash understand canine psychology, reward systems, coaching languages and consistent communication. 

We practice and preach a NePoPo® philosophy here are RYP. The goal of training dogs in this system is to achieve a powerful confident attitude in the dog paired with a well educated patient handler.  Bringing both ends of the leash in harmony together we want to see dogs performing on cue with heart and soul despite distractions. 

With a training program and plan of action you can use this system to address behavioral issues, reactivity, nuisance behaviors, build confidence etc. The goal?


Pack harmony in a modern world. 


Why dogs do things. How they process information. These concepts must be understood to understand WHY a dog might be doing what they are doing as well as HOW training can work to adjust current perceptions of cause / effect in your dog's brain. 

Watch these sample videos for more information.

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Dog's do not speak english. Understanding how to harness motivation and clearly 'speak' to your dog is paramount to any long term communication relationship.

Watch these videos to understand more about the learning languages we will teach you at RYP:

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Foundation Obedience

Program Pyramid


Advanced Obedience

Program Pyramid




With an understanding of canine psychology and learning it's time to tie it all together to teach the dog something!


Often times a dog being stressed or misbehaving is because they don't yet know what else to do in that situation!


Love the dog by leading them. Show them how to succeed and reward the hell out of good decisions, confidence, stability and overall growth as a team!

Watch the video below for more information about the application of training concepts you will learn here at RYP:

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