Training Philosophy

Just as no two people are alike, no two dogs are alike. 

We don’t adhere to one specific method of training but instead work to create a custom program to effectively adapt to your dog's needs. Our methods are balanced, effective, and most of all fun;

focusing on three foundational dog training principles:



Science tells us that we have 1.3 seconds to effectively influence a dog’s behavior. It's in that window we carefully craft your dog's training.

Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana


Maintaining engagement by understanding what makes your dog tick. Treats? Toys? Praise? We'll listen to your dog to make training a fun and enriching experience. 

Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana


Dogs love consistency. Creating clear rules and situations where dogs can predict the outcome is what creates calm and confident companions. 

Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana


All Run Your Pack training programs begin with a free phone call evaluation. There are many misconceptions about training dogs so it is our job to clearly define the scope of a training package that will effectively meet the needs and expectations of you and your pack.


Board and Train : Wilderness Immersion Program

This is the foundational training program offered at RYP. Your dog will live on site for duration of program learning new skills and communication. Just as important, we will tailor a handler training program that will educate YOU throughout your dog's stay. You will also get access to streaming educational content that covers theory and practice that you can always refer back to. Primary goal for these programs is not only to equip you with the skills necessary for clear and consistent communication but for you to understand the ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ of dog training built on patience, motivation and respect for the dog. Here are samples of program length and add ons:

Level 1: Fundamental K9 (Week 1-3)

3 Weeks Board and Train & 3 Private Lessons at RYP + 1 refresher private lesson to use at your discretion down the road (see example below for weekly structure). Access to RYP streaming educational content. Program is designed to thoroughly teach K9 and handler how to move forward as a team ON leash.

Level 2: Refined K9 (Week 4-6)

This program builds off the foundation of leash work started in the Fundamental K9 program while transitioning skills and communication OFF leash. We encourage clients to proceed to the Refined K9 program after a few months of leash work practice. Refined K9 program is also structured as a 3 week board and train with corresponding handler lessons. 

Working K9 Add Ons

3 Week Program Example

  • DAY 1 : Drop off your dog at RYP with a few weeks worth of food. 

  • DAY 1 - 10: Immersion training with trainers at RYP. Multiple fun engaging sessions a day. During this time we will send you photos/videos of your dog in action. 



  • DAY 11: Come out to RYP for your first handler training session with your dog. This is where we begin to transfer communication patterns to YOU. 

  • DAY 12 - 20: Immersion training. Multiple fun engaging sessions a day...and more photo/video updates of your dog's progress!

  • DAY 21: Come back out to RYP for another lesson. This time we will build off your first lesson, give you new skills and send you home with your dog to practice!

  • 3 WEEKS LATER : Bring your dog back out to RYP. We will talk about how the time went at home and do another lesson to refine and build off your skills learned in previous lessons. From here you move forward as a team!

  • 3-7 MONTHS LATER : This is your bonus lesson. Use as you need it and when you want. This is a great time to refresh and tune up concepts learned here at RYP. 


During the stay, your dog will learn...

The climb.
Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana
The sit.
Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana
The down.
Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana
Recall (come).
Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana
Loose leash walk.
Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana

Along with these commands you will learn how to use these positions to help restructure situations where your dog is currently difficult to manage. Any prior work with dog will be built upon! If your dog already understands sit/down that’s great! Focus will then be placed on refining communication and building implied stay with increased distraction.  

At RYP we put a lot of emphasis on creating calm clearheaded mindsets for learning. A day of training may also include sessions of playing fetch, quiet time outside in the yard or just hanging with trainers on the couch in the dojo. For some dogs we also incorporate treadmill work to take the energy edge off before training sessions!

Does your dog...

  • Bolt out doors?

  • Jump on counters?

  • Greet guests inappropriately (jumping, mouthing etc)?

  • Exhibit resource guarding (food, toys)?

  • Show reactivity to dogs or humans?

No Problem!

See a dog with extreme human aggression be turned around through the use of clear communication and structure. Read more about Max's rehabilitation HERE

Puppy Imprinting Program


7-16 weeks is SUCH a key time for a puppy's development with their new pack. It is during this time that they are a blank canvas, ready to be told what is what by those around them. A good or bad experience during this window of time can impact the puppy in such a way that it sticks with them for the rest of their life. Socialization is important but it is SO much more than allowing pup to meet as many dogs, people and environments as possible. Proper introduction to this new and exciting world must be done in a carefully structured way with puppy being lead by a calm confident pack leader. 

Now that we have freaked you out FEAR NOT. Run Your Pack has an easy to follow private lesson program that will take you week by week through this precious window of time! Here is a breakdown of what is covered in this program:



Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana

Off on the Right Paw

  • confidence

  • manners

  • confidence

  • socialization

  • confidence

  • housebreaking

  • confidence

  • obedience

  • oh and confidence

Puppy Imprinting

2 Private lessons at RYP (spaced out a week or so) & online learning course

Lesson 1 : Learn the psychology behind how puppies think!! We discuss your specific puppy questions/needs.  You will learn how to recognize motivators, harness markers, shape obedience positions, reward good manners and create consistent housebreaking patterns. We also teach you specific drills to take home and practice.



Lesson 2: You demo your skills learned from last week. We discuss how to level up those skills while practicing through different obstacles and scenarios. We go into detail on how to properly approach socialization using these new skills. This lesson also covers introduction to loose leash walking and recall.

All puppy imprinting students get access to our online learning course on


Private Lessons

Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana

*** At this time private lessons are only available to those that have completed a foundational board and train immersion program.


New Pack Member Selection Services 

Whether you are getting a new puppy from a breeder or adopting from a shelter, bringing a new dog into your existing pack is a HUGE decision! Let the canine experts of RYP help!

Thinking of getting a new puppy?

Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana

There are over 340 breeds out there...Let us help you decide on one that will best suit your needs and living situation. All dogs are trainable, but some breeds have inherent temperments and abilities. Lets talk about what you are looking for in a canine companion and go from there!

Navigating breeders can also be tricky and confusing. Unfortunately there are a lot of 'less than reputable' breeders out there that will not raise your puppy with proper care and socialization. This can cause a lot of problems for you further down the road. Know what kind of puppy you want? Let RYP make sure you are moving forward with a reputable breeder. There are a lot of important questions to ask a breeder, let us equip you with the tools and information you need to avoid investing in the wrong breeding program!

Thinking of adopting from a shelter?

Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana

That's fantastic too! Many dogs at shelters are under a tremndous amount of stress (understandably so!). Sometimes it can be tough to know exactly what you are getting when you meet a dog in that environment. Let RYP assist you with your decision. We are happy to talk about the dogs available for adoption or even go with you to a shelter facility in Missoula to temperment test the dog.


Often times, new behaviors come out of dogs once they get comfortable in their new homes. RYP can also give you advice on how to assimilate this new pack member into your home. 

Vaccination Requirements

We require all of our training clients to be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper (DHPP or DHLPP), and Bordatella vaccines. This helps to ensure the health and safety of all of our guests.