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Chris and Oaken Earn First Leg of PSA 2 Title

1 leg of the PSA 2 in the bag!

Had a wonderful time showing Saturday at the High Country Working Dogs trial. Oaken was a stud in his protection round and gave heart and soul (and clear mind) into every scenario : locking down first place in the 2s for the event. I freaking love this dog. Love watching him work and enjoy learning something new about how to be a better coach/handler for him every time we step onto the field.

Had a special moment out there while I was wrapping the surprise scenario…

Max Chardack was there stewarding and keep me on task, Jacob Plascencia was my final scenario drunken transport decoy and Ben Lepinski was judging…

I would not be where I am in this sport without the advice/instruction/support I have received from these 3 incredibly talented individuals over the years. I consider them all mentors and master coaches and very good friends…super cool to share that moment on field together. Thank you guys so much for everything

Special thank you to ALL the decoys at this trial. You all did an amazing job. Great and intensity and safe catches .

Also major thank you to the whole Dirty Bandana Working Dogs team. Success in this sport takes a village with sound culture. Would not be here without all of your help and support

As with every trial, I learned a ton and I’m excited to get back to the training lab to tighten up some areas before showing again next spring.

Cheers and congrats to the high country team and all the competitors. Safe travels and happy training to everyone!


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