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MASSIVE Malinois

Train a direwolf ✔️

Well I’ve officially met the biggest malinois of my career. Meet Grimm and his wonderful handler, Stacey. Grimm is 120 pounds of brawn and bone. He just completed his foundational obedience private lesson program.

Grimm is a wonderful sweet natured malinois that has THRIVED with clear communication systems. His confidence is blossoming, situations that caused fear/stress are now just new environments to hunt and train in and, most recently, he learned how to channel his prey drive. Stacey is learning how to put ‘prey play’ on cue to enhance obedience work and enrich training culture overall.

Proud of this team and I’m pumped to see their progress. They will be back at RYP in June for advanced obedience to learn the art of e collar work and to take skills off leash.

@b19cunningham this will be one of your projects while you are here 😈🫵


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