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Out of Towner Kicks Off Training

Meet K9 Harley! Not only did she kick off her 3 week

foundational obedience board and train yesterday...but she also wins the award for longest distance traveled to get to RYP🥇 This kelpie cross (with the help of her humans of course) made a 13 hour drive from North Dakota for training. Dog training requires proper dedication and commitment...but to make that drive, in winter. My hats off to Harley’s humans! This cute little working dog is already blossoming with structure, problem solving and settling in to our routines well! At the end of her program her humans will kick it in Missoula for a few days so we can take the necessary time to focus on handler lessons before they make the long journey back to ND! 👊#dogtraining #commitment #respectthedog #workthedog #runyourpack


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