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PSA 1 Title in the Bag

Holy Smokes what an amazing adventure of a week! What started as a journey to Southern Cali aiming to get 1 leg of our PSA 1 (you need to pass twice to earn a title in PSA) turned into a much bigger undertaking as spots opened and Oaken and I snuck into more days attempting to close out our PSA 1 all in a weekend. After the long drive down, hobo camping for 5 days at the trial field, 1 mock trial and 2 full trial days we managed to pull off passing both trial days earning a PSA 1 title. We took second overall in the 1s on Saturday and, Oaken being the hard charging badass he is, took down 1st place in protection overall for the whole trial

Cannot say enough positive things about the entire community that made up this trial.

- you ran such a smooth ship and were so accommodating . The Judge, stewards, decoys were all outstanding and time spent off the field grilling and chilling by a fire made the whole experience that much more memorable.

(so many names to mention involved in this event that I may not be fb friends with yet - just know - you all rock)

We learned a TON this week during this experience and have a lot to work on to go for our PSA 2. To all of you that cheered us on, built us up, gave us advice - Thank you.

To the old friends I got to catchup with and the new friends we had the pleasure of meeting: Please visit Montana in the future and kick it/train with the rest of the



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