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Guest trainer Alexa White of Meraki K9 has been on the property for a couple weeks now doing amazing work with her recruits! She’s never been to Montana before and when she’s not training the client dogs she’s : Seen her first bear walk down the road…wondered why a Blackhawk helicopter did a low flyby of the yurt…and has started to get the itch to title her dogs Frank and Arya in PSA…

Here is the crew Alexa is working with:

AVINA (Aussie Doodle): Avina is in doing a 4 week Fundamental K9 board and train program!

DOC (Terrier x): Doc is in for his Fundamental K9 program with emphasis on reducing some nervousness around strangers.

ZUGO (Wheaton Terrier): Zugo is in for his Fundamental K9 program. We are taking his high energy and channeling it into training :)

KARHU and TALVI (Labs): These 2 littermates are in to start their Refined K9 off leash program!

ANYXA (Heeler x): Anyxa is in for her Fundamental K9 program. Her pack member, Hugo, just wrapped his training program and now its her turn to learn the patterns!

DUKE (Doodle X): Duke is in to begin working on his reactivity issues. We are reconditioning some patterns at home and he is channeling well and building confidence.

BAILEY (Lab): This young lab is in for her Fundamental K9 program. Building confidence through leash work and structure!


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