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RYP Puts On Tracking and Evasion Clinic With US Army

EPIC training event with the Army yesterday.

After a morning of academics teaching soldiers how dogs hunt and how best to throw off a tracker team ( ie make my life miserable as Liesel and I track them down)… we took to the skies 🚁 to be inserted in the mountains and hunt down teams applying evasion tactics.

Huge shoutout to the troops involved. They all took the academics to heart and did an excellent job! Everyone was super dedicated and a blast to work and hangout with! 🙏

Liesel Weapon did her thing. She tracked beautifully. By end of day she had logged over 9 miles of tracking. She worked up and down mountains, fence crossings, water crossings, deadfall fields, bogs, past deer/elk sign. She stayed scent discriminate and true to source all while navigating dynamic scent pictures given by teams working to evade her!

Those 9 miles were broken up by a few helicopter rides to move us between tracking scenarios. Even a 200’ dynamic hoist out of the Mtn’s didn’t phase her. I, on the other hand, had a mild panic attack haha … she was cool as a cucumber and got right back to tracking once we landed at the next location.

Such a fun day through and though. Special thank you to @tommyjefferson13 for setting this up and running around in the mountains with us 👊👊👊.

I was able to snag some video here and there…will assemble soon 🎞 and launch via @workyourpack in the next day or so.

As I write this, Liesel is konked out next to me snoring. She deserves the rest…hard work using the nose that long all while dragging my ass like an anchor through the 🏔 all day 😆


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