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RYP ROLL CALL : April Block 1

After a journey to California for a PSA K9 competition we are back firing on all cylinders at RYP! Check out these students who kicked off their board and train programs this week! MARVIN (LabX) - Sweet natured Marvin is in to start his on leash obedience program. His long term goals include earning his ‘canine good citizen’ and becoming a therapy dog.

LINUS (Aussie) - Linus made the long journey from Seattle last week! He just started his on leash obedience program and is doing great so far!

SCARLETT (Schnoodle) - Scarlett was a puppy imprinting graduate that is now in to start her on leash obedience program. This happy go lucky learner is taking to training quickly building off all the hard work her handler started at 10 weeks old!

IZZY (ShepX) - Izzy just started her on leash program to work on foundational obedience and confidence building. She was a little shy at first but is blossoming with clear communication and structure :)

FOVOS (Dutch Shepherd) - Fovos is a rockstar dutchie that comes back to RYP from Idaho. He completed his puppy imprinting and on leash program and is now back to transition his skills off leash and begin some scent work!

FINNEGAN (Wheaton Terrier) - Finnegan is a ball of energy that is starting his on leash training program. Key for dogs like Finn is to channel their energy and drive. He LOVES training and thrives with problem solving.

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