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RYP ROLL CALL - April Block 2 (Karen’s Bunch)

With visiting trainer Karen Wannamaker of Up a Level K9 we were able to accommodate more students this month! They have all been working together now for a week are looking great! Also worth mentioning, their head tilt game is strong… PHANTOM (Shep X) - Phantom is here to kick off his foundational obedience program. Lots of energy and enthusiasm to channel into training!

DASHER (Lab) - Dasher kicked off his on leash obedience program this week. He is a very smart and trainable dog that is learning to work and flow with a handler on leash.

JARVIS (Labradoodle) - Jarvis is a puppy imprinting graduate now beginning his on leash obedience work. He is layering new languages on top of the skills learned as a young puppy and doing great!

AGGIE (PitX) - This happy go lucky little dog started her on leash obedience this week. She will be spending lots of time at her handler’s cross fit gym so learning to stay calm and directed during the chaos of CrossFit is a primary goal for her obedience proofing!

LYLA (GSD) - This young GSD started her on leash program this week. She was a little shy in the beginning but opening up really well through the clarity and structure of training!

SIG (GSD) - Sig is a familiar (handsome) face here at RYP. He is kicking off his off leash obedience program with emphasis on neutrality around other dogs - doing great!


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