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RYP Roll Call November Block

RYP ROLL CALL : November Block

Brand new batch of recruits kicked off their 3 week board and train programs this week! This group traveled in from around the state repping Butte, Kalispell, Missoula, Helmville and Victor.

ZUKO (Malinois): This handsome 1 year old is in for foundational obedience. As it is with all Malinois - training is taking the hurricane and making it more of a tornado…Still windy, but in one place haha.

BURKE (Poodle Border Collie X) : Burke just arrived to work on obedience and confidence building. He is opening up very quickly with training and structure!

AXEL (Gladiator Dane) : This young pup is a RYP puppy imprinting graduate that is now in to take his early built skills to the next level. At 4 months old he is already quite a sizable boy…wait till he’s full grown…

LILY (Cane Corso) : Lily comes to us to refine some obedience skills and to work on controlling her barking and defensive behavior. Defensive barking is common with guard dog type breeds, it’s important to define when it is appropriate to be a guard dog…and when it is not. She is a sweet heart of a dog that is eager to perform and is learning fast!

DEWEY and BRUNO (Pit Xs) : These 2 come to us from the same household to refine obedience skills and work on some possessive behaviors around each other. Both sweet natured and getting into a nice rhythm together here at RYP.


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