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For dogs 4+ Months old

This is the foundational training program offered at RYP designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of dog psychology and learning languages ON LEASH. The goal is to develop structure and clarity the dog is invested and enthusiastic to perform. Through the use of this structure and clarity we can address reactivity and behavioral issues. We also go over how to proactively use training culture to encourage good outcomes and long term growth as a team.


All students looking to stake skills off leash or develop working disciplines MUST start with this program. 

PROGRAM SCOPE: Train the dog. Train the human (most important)


Your dog will live on site for duration of program learning new skills and communication: See our kennel facilities HERE


During this time you will be given access to a comprehensive video course to study via our online learning portal Work Your Pack.

This course includes 3 lessons with you here on the property + 1 refresher lesson you can cash in down the road at any time.

It is paramount we transfer patterns and knowledge to YOU as well as your dog to ensure long term success. 

Primary goal for these programs is not only to equip you with the skills necessary for clear and consistent communication but for you to understand the ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ of dog training and psychology. We want long term training culture and success for you and your canine companion : Pack harmony in a modern world :)

Please review our FAQs from new clients blog post HERE

3 Week Board and Train : Includes 4 lessons and access to online video learning series.



  • Dog Psychology

  • Training Culture : we want dogs invested in the process of learning with you long term

  • Markers for rewarding good decisions and progressions

  • How to establish the leash as a directional language. Should be both a gas pedal and a brake allowing you to coach and communicate clearly

  • How to build behaviors with heart and soul

  • How to transition behaviors into commands

  • Emphasis will be placed on establishing 5 primary utility commands EVERYONE should master 

  • How to proof and generalize skills for practical (real life) application and/or behavior modification


Along with these commands you will learn how to use these positions to help restructure situations where your dog is currently difficult to manage. Any prior work with dog will be built upon! If your dog already understands sit/down that’s great! Focus will then be placed on refining communication and building implied stay with increased distraction.  

At RYP we put a lot of emphasis on creating calm clearheaded mindsets for learning. A day of training may also include sessions of playing fetch, quiet time outside in the yard or just hanging with trainers on the couch in the yurt. For some dogs we also incorporate treadmill work to take the energy edge off before training sessions!

Does your dog...

  • Bolt out doors?

  • Jump on counters?

  • Greet guests inappropriately?

  • Exhibit resource guarding (food, toys)?

  • Show reactivity to dogs or humans?

No Problem!

See a dog with extreme human aggression be turned around through the use of clear communication and structure. Read more about Max's rehabilitation HERE

Pet Puppy Imprinting


2 Private lessons and access to online puppy training video learning series.
Only for dogs 8-16 weeks old

Dog training, Run Your Pack, Missoula Montana

Off on the Right Paw

  • confidence

  • manners

  • confidence

  • socialization

  • confidence

  • housebreaking

  • confidence

  • obedience

  • oh and confidence

This is a puppy training foundation course designed to prepare students for higher level learning down the road. 

Lesson 1 : Learn the psychology behind how puppies think!! We discuss your specific puppy questions/needs.  You will learn how to recognize motivators, harness markers, shape obedience positions, redirect biting, reward good manners and create consistent housebreaking patterns. We also teach you specific drills to take home and practice.



Lesson 2: You demo your skills learned from last week. We discuss how to level up those skills while practicing through different obstacles and scenarios. We go into detail on how to properly approach socialization using these new skills. This lesson also covers introduction to loose leash walking and recall. We also discuss how puppy work foundations can be layered into higher level learning at RYP.

All puppy imprinting students get access to our online learning course on


4 Private Lessons : Includes online video learning course
3 Week Board and Train : Includes 4 private lessons & online video learning course

Only available to graduates of foundational on leash 3 week board and train


This course builds off foundational on leash training skills to expand confidence and clarity  of skills off leash.


We go over how to PROPERLY layer e collar communication into existing learning languages. This equipment is wildly misused and misunderstood - we will make sure all our students are confident in how this training tool can be a positive learning language the dog is invested and empowered to control! 

OPTION 1 : 4 Private Lessons & Video Course

This option is best for driven individuals that are relatively close to Missoula, MT. Course is designed to take place over a 4 week period. Private lessons will pair with video learning course giving student homework to practice between lessons. Each lesson builds on itself as handlers gain intimate understanding of off leash learning languages and PROPER e collar use. 



OPTION 2 : 3 Week Board and Train. Includes 4 Private Lessons and Video Course

Best option for those wanting the RYP team to jumpstart e collar learning language for their dog! This option is also best if we need to rehabilitate/recondition improper e collar practice. 

By Spring 2023 RYP will be exclusively teaching Martin Systems E collar use. Love this video on why these collars are the best


Custom lesson packages/seminars
Only available to graduates of 3 week board and train




At this time all protection lessons are reserved for active members/competitors of PSA (protection sports association) or Law Enforcement K9 handlers

If you are interested in finding out more about our  PSA club please click HERE or email




Custom lesson packages/seminars
Only available to graduates of 3 week board and train


RYP had the opportunity to spend time working and filming 'Tactical Manhunting' with some of the best handlers and trainers in the world. Checkout the promo we put together here.

Teach your dog to find missing people or wounded game!

NOTHING builds a dog's confidence like tracking. Whether you are interested in conditioning your dog to find missing people for Law Enforcement or SAR or you want to recover an injured animal during hunting season - we can help you reach your goals!

RYP K9s in action!



Custom lesson packages/seminars
Only available to graduates of 3 week board and train


Make hiking with your dog a new adventure! Hunting sheds is both a fun game for your dog as well as a nice opportunity to potentially make some $ with your K9! 




We now have a self study video course on shed hunting via our online learning platform on


Click HERE to find out more



Custom lesson packages/seminars
Only available to graduates of 3 week board and train



K9s in Action

Interested in have a dog that can sniff out bombs or narcotics? Contact us to learn about the different levels of nosework RYP can train for.

Nosework is also a really fun game for pets! Take your obedience to the next level and teach your dog fun nosework games. Imagine this, your dog could be taught to find your lost cell phone!

The Ever Handy 'Find My Sh*t' Command

Training Culture is everything.jpg


Training culture is a phrase mentioned a lot to (human) students at RYP...What is training culture exactly? It's a symbiotic relationship with your canine companion achievable once the following is understood:


Why dogs do things. How they process information. These concepts must be understood to understand WHY a dog might be doing what they are doing as well as HOW training can work to adjust current perceptions of cause / effect in your dog's brain. 

Watch these sample videos for more information.

Canine Psychology copy.jpg


Dog's do not speak english. Understanding how to harness motivation and clearly 'speak' to your dog is paramount to any long term communication relationship.

Watch these videos to understand more about the learning languages we will teach you at RYP:

Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 9.12.54 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 9.26.49 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 9.14.22 AM.png



With an understanding of canine psychology and learning it's time to tie it all together to teach the dog something!


Often times a dog being stressed or misbehaving is because they don't yet know what else to do in that situation!


Love the dog by leading them. Show them how to succeed and reward the hell out of good decisions, confidence, stability and overall growth as a team!

Watch the video below for more information about the application of training concepts you will learn here at RYP:

Vaccination Requirements

We require all of our training clients to be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper (DHPP or DHLPP), and Bordatella vaccines. This helps to ensure the health and safety of all of our guests. 

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