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Liesel Weapon : Working dog in training WEEK 1

Liesel and I are working through Top Tier K9's working dog puppy imprinting program. I am molding this fiery little German Shepherd to excel in the following diciplines:

- Tracking

- Bitework/Personal Protection

- Scent detection/Nosework

- Advanced Obedience

- General Awesomeness

Start em young and make it fun. Leisel and I work through a long list of exsercises daily. In just 1 week she excels at the tracking box, vigorously barks and bites on a bite rag, can be posed into a number of static positions sit, down, pose, ook...and can be lured all around the yurt. She is nailing send outs and is showing lots of ball drive: an asset when we work her into more advanced scent work. All her food comes from training...and she LOVES to work. Amazed at how far she has come in just 1 week...high hopes for this little pistol.


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