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Liesel Weapon WEEK 9 Working Dog in Training

Liesel Weapon : Working dog in training WEEK 9 - The FINAL WEEK of theTop Tier K9 Working dog puppy imprinting program. This video just gives you some of the highlights of where Liesel Weapon is in her training. I have extremely high hopes for this little German Shepherd. Although this marks the final video for the program rest assured there will be MANY updates of her training progress to come. So stay tuned...

That being said, I need to give HUGE SHOUTOUT to Jeff Minder and Kari Koch at Top Tier K9 ( Cannot say enough good things about these 2 trainers and the Top Tier program as a whole. Anyone interested in becoming a dog trainer and starting a business NEEDS to look at TTK9. I have been working with this group for over a year has been an absolute blast. Cheers to the whole TTK9 crew.

I also need to send much love to Karen Belcher and Crooked Creek Ranch. Amazing breeder, amazing person. I gave Karen a list of what I was looking for in a puppy and she sent me Liesel. This dog has exceeded my expectations and she is only 17 weeks old...If any of you out there are in need of a GSD look no further than Karen and Crooked Creek.

Best to all of you and your pack!

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