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RYP Bite Work/Decoy Continuing Ed

Mountain State K9 Acedemy in Greeley Colorado ( is owned and run by some of the best trainers in the country. I have been fortunate enough throughout my training education to spend lots of time working with these individuals that I now consider close friends. One of the disciplines these trainers specialize in is protection and bite work.

Recently, RYP packed up the truck and drove south to spend a few days getting chewed up! This was an amazing educational experience that leveled up my understanding of drive development and decoy practice. In an effort to expand offerings to future bite work clients (and lets face it, so I can develop my OWN bite dog) I also brought one of my more ambitious clients with me to learn more about being a decoy. This new decoy in training is named Lee - and he rocked it! Here are some pics and vids of us working with highly trained Malinois and German Shepherds:

Signs of a great seminar...CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!

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