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LW Urban Track 052318 (VIDEO)

Nifty little track last Wednesday. Points of note:

- This exercise was double blind and the POI was brand new to Liesel Weapon.

- There was a stiff wind blowing across the road and it began to rain during the track.

- Finish location had LOTS of contamination. The building the POI was hiding behind contained a medical cannabis dispensary (good thing LW is not trained on narcotics) and a winery. Hard to tell in the video but there was also big tasting party going on in the winery and open door was enticing for her. Tons of cross contamination with party goers milling about. - Notice there is one point in the video where she was drawn to winery...lost odor and circled back on her own to reconnect with last confident source. She worked back in front of winery - worked right past a guest coming out for a smoke break and threw a huge proximity alert before dragging in for a photo finish.

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