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Meet The RYP Rock Hounds

Meet the Rock Hounds…RYP is proud to sponsor its first sports team and what says ‘working k9s’ more than a bunch of 20/30 somethings throwing stones down some ice while drinking beer? 🍻 🐕

One of my favorite things about curling? The wordplay. There are just too many opportunities to by punny. So with that in mind here is a brief summary of last night’s league opener: The Rock Hounds got off to a rocky start as we brushed off the cobwebs facing formidable opponents, the ‘Ice Holes’ (some of our opponents were actually previous clients that are now tracking club rockstars). Eventually, we slid into a better rhythm and got ourselves on the score board. Despite the late stage heat up, the game ended with us trailing behind the Ice Holes…That being said we didn’t leave with our tails between our legs. A post game group photo and a celebratory pint and we are ready (to attempt) to sweep the competition next week!

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