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Backcountry Satchel with New Handler

Backcountry Satchel with his new handler!

This handsome British Lab came to RYP at 10 weeks old from GLK9 Labradors in Michigan. Once here in Montana, Satchel immediately began his Top Tier K9 puppy imprinting program that exposed him to numerous elements of handler engagement, socialization, obedience, scent detection, and tracking.

As Satchel matured he began his formal obedience training and we continued developing skills that he excelled in (anything with his nose really - he is a scent work machine).

Today Satchel goes home with his new handler who is excited to have this go everywhere buddy that will also serve as a utility K9 that can hunt for sheds, track wounded game and eventually retrieve birds ie the ultimate Montana Backcountry Companion ie 'Backcountry Satchel' (and well, Indiana Jones had a Satchel...)

Very excited that Satchel is staying in Montana and I look forward to continuing his skills with his new handler and watching these 2 grow into a team.

Satchel has a wonderful temperament and impressive drive. If you (or anyone you know) is looking for a fun workhorse lab please let us know. Will definitely be working more with Carolyn Cabot and @GLK9labradors in the future!


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