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Malinois Puppy's in for Imprinting!

Couple of Malinois in the yurt for puppy imprinting today. ***disclaimer these cute puppies are not for everyone. Although I adore the breed and am having fun with them in the photo, I strongly encourage anyone considering this breed to strongly evaluate whether it is a good fit for them. The owner of these pups has a proactive laundry list of disciplines he wants them to learn over the next years : shed hunt, protection, competition obedience. He is excited to dedicate a lot of time to raise these pups right...with the recent headline news about malinois taking down an isis leader I just want to reiterate that, yes, this is a badass breed BUT owning and handling should be considered a lifestyle choice because they will require engagement, training and dedication...daily. 😈😈😈#notforeveryone #malinois #maligator #puppyimprinting #runyourpack


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