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NePoPo® New Gold School June

Huge congratulations to this wonderful group of driven individuals for graduating our NePoPo New Gold School here in Montana.

Hodge Canine  joined Run Your Pack to teach this driven group of students who traveled in from around the country (and Canada) to engage in 5 days PACKED with learning.

We talked about all things NePoPo as it relates to training dogs, teaching clients, managing small business and analyzing oneself. Linking systems in understanding motivation, power, toughness and repetitions with awareness of the sweet spot (both for dogs and human students).

The weather was beautiful this week and we wrapped the school with dinner, drinks and letting dogs be dogs along the Clark fork river

Thank you students for coming with a wonderful attitude and ignition to learn . The culture of the week was uplifting and fun. Joe and I cannot wait to see what you all do as you digest the information covered this week and begin to ‘bake and play’ with good attitude

Special thanks to Bart Bellon and Michael Bellon for being Master Coaches and allowing us to teach and move the message forward.

Cheers, happy training and safe travels


For those interested in learning more about Nepopo Training : visit

For those interested in attending New Gold Schools with us please visit

Our August School Is completely booked. Our next schools with openings will be held down in Chandler Arizona (November and February).

Michael Bellon and Bart Bellon and BCBB are the owners of the NePoPo® trademark, the teaching concept and the Know-How and intellectual property related to it. All trademarks used with permission.


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