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Nervous Dog Progression

Neat progression to see with a VERY nervous dog - watch with sound!

This is Bonnie. She is a rescue that pretty much lived a street dog/feral existence until being recently adopted. The leash meant nothing to her, strange humans were to be avoided : survival and security were her burden to carry alone. Her (wonderful) new handlers brought Bonnie to RYP to learn some new patterns that would build confidence and help her feel secure in changing environments.

This video features updates we sent to her handler during her time here. Watch her go from super nervous and ready to BOLT to bubbly clear headed and channeled through patient training. The leash became a language she was empowered to control and her commands became her sense of order in chaos. Also notice the whole RYP training team worked Bonnie. It was important for us to generalize patterns as much as possible during her time with us. We just started these patterns. Her handler watched our online video course while Bonnie was with us. She then did 2 private lessons and took her home yesterday with specific homework to practice. In 3 weeks, this team will come back to RYP to catchup and do another lesson.

Proper dog training is like going to the gym. For long term success you need ignition to get in shape, you need to understand the workouts and you also need to understand how to progress workouts over time to see results. At RYP we patiently layer in new patterns into the dog with an emphasis on investment and ownership of learning languages and training process. Then (most importantly) we transfer the knowledge and patterns to the handler….After leaving our program it is then up to the handler to put in the reps to ‘get in shape’ long term. And we are here as a resource for those teams putting in the work.

SO MANY DOGS suffer from fear/stress/anxiety and think it is their burden to carry alone. This can create controlling behaviors, reactivity and increased cortisol in the body (especially in changing environments). The solution to this issue is NOT heavy daily medication : prozac, fluoxetine, trazodone etc (yes we are seeing LOADS of dogs on unnecessary maintenance medications these days)…The solution is also not ‘dominating’ a dog into robotic submission. Simply put, it is understanding behavioral psychology, motivation and how to properly coach the dog when necessary.

Our 3 week board and train is an immersion program for both the dog and the handler but if you are interested in studying more about this right away we have a comprehensive video course that goes over psychology, markers, leash languages, application etc - you can start watching on your phone today -


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