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ATTENTION MONTANA (and the world)

Announcing new programs available now! We will still offer dynamic board and train programs as always, but NOW we have added PRIVATE LESSON PACKAGES for both in-person students on the property AND in our online classroom for students anywhere in the world.

All courses build off our comprehensive video streaming series available on

Here is how our new online classrooms work: Watch the video course (ooo and ahh at the video editing and story telling techniques), jump into our online classroom for private discussion, upload video homework for critique and review! Repeat next week (or whenever it’s convenient for you). Let a NePoPo® Gold Certified instructor take your training skills to the next level - no matter where you are in your learning journey!

Visit to review our new program packages information and pricing.

Want to self study at home? You can get started RIGHT AWAY! Watch video courses on your computer or mobile phone. Just think: you can be learning about dog training while you wait in line at the bank, ride on the subway to work, or let's be real...even while you sit on toilet! You get the idea. Think of all those moments of time wasted thumbing through mindless tik toks or reels and think: ‘What a good time to learn how to train my dog instead!’

Bart Bellon and Michael Bellon and BCBB are the owners of the NePoPo® trademark, the teaching concept and the Know-How and intellectual property related to it. All trademarks used with permission. 


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