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Our Advanced Obedience NePoPo® Style video series is NOW AVAILABLE for enrollment and streaming!

Electronic collars are commonly misused and misunderstood. We hope this course helps demistify the process of proper (NePoPo® Style) conditioning into a training system.

Our existing Foundational Obedience NePoPo® Style video series covers:

 Canine psychology

 Charging and using reward markers

 Building behaviors (free shaping, luring, fading lure etc)

 Charging leash pressure as a GO

 Layering leash pressure into known behaviors

 Creating structure and stability in commmands

 Using commands to create training culture harmony in a modern world

and NOW with Advanced Obedience NePoPo® Style we dive into:

 Understanding electronic collars (e-collars)

 Early conditioning as something the dog enjoys feeling

 Associating e-collar stim with leashwork and known behaviors

 Using stim as both an activator to GO and as a correction for not doing

 Fading the leash

 Practicing and proofing skills in dynamic environments

Both courses can be accessed via 

watch on your

or on your computer

Once you enroll - watch and rewatch as much as you want!

All of our courses are composed of short punchy entertaining videos with corresponding PDFs. These courses were produced SPECIFICALLY with the goal of teaching (you) the viewer (ie you won't see any long winded clips of an instructor teaching an in person class). We want process to be engaging, entertaining, and easy to follow so you can start right away with your own canine companion.

For those interested in diving deeper into the NePoPo® philosophy, concepts and terminology we strongly encourage visitng and enrolling in NePoPo® Silver School.


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