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RYP Companion Labs 2024


Or some similar reaction is probably what you just said when you saw the pics of ‘Bert’ and ‘Ernie’. RYP has been contracted to build some companion labs in 2024. Some are spoken for but we may be taking on 1 or 2 more to raise right, train up and hand off to the right home/handler. These British Labs will be mainly selected for sound genetics and drives suitable for well rounded family homes. The RYP staff will be raising these dogs in their homes. We will build solid foundations of environmental stability, socialization and learning languages : basically a jumpstart for training culture that can be built on for the lifetime of the dog.

We will layer in on leash and off leash obedience systems and customize a private lesson program experience (can be remote classroom if need be) so future handlers can be an active participant in the process confident to take over for us and progress that training culture indefinitely. Ernie is spoken for. Bert is available and we may be able to add in another pup and/or adolescent to the bunch that is being driven and hand delivered by my good friend and peer Carolyn Smith. If you are interested in finding out more bout Bert or discussing the scope/schedule/cost of a Companion Lab from RYP please email with ‘RYP Companion Labs’ in subject line.




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