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RYP K9 Liesel Weapon Stars in Jack London Short Film

Liesel was back in front of the camera last week filming Jack London's 'To Build a Fire'. This very famous short story is a story of man vs nature. It features a wayward traveler and his dog battling the elements of the mountain west. Won't giveaway the ending for those that have not read the story but I can tell you this much...the dog does just fine haha.

Liesel did an amazing job on set. We threw a lot at that little GSD. DEEP snow travel, clap boards, booms, cameras, dynamic behaviors instructed by the talent (not me)...she took it all in stride. Not only did she perform well on camera she was a rockstar OFF camera. At one point during a scene the talent's period specific knife fell off his belt and was lost in the snow. We had more important filming to do with that knife...luckily Liesel has an article search 'find my sh*t' command. Sent her out and she indicated on it in the snow in minutes.

Proud of my little GSD. Look for this short film premiering during next year's film festivals around the country!


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