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RYP ROLL CALL : Breaking in the New Digs

After some time spent out of town and lots of construction on the property RYP is back up and running full steam with a new batch of recruits breaking in the brand new kennel building! They are all underway with their board and train programs - here is a bit more about who they are and what they are working on :

LORENZO (Corgi) : Lorenzo just kicked off his foundational obedience program to help give him structure to focus on in chaotic environments. He is getting into a great rhythm with both trainers and learning fast!

DELTA (Malinois) : Delta is a puppy imprinting graduate that is now in to focus on foundational obedience and protection work. Her owners will be continuing her education beyond the basics to compete in the K9 Bite sport PSA.

MOLLY (Irish Setter) : Molly joins us to begin her foundational obedience program. She is SUPER sweet and is loving a job to focus her energy on.

GRACE (Boxer) : Grace is Molly’s pack mate. Similar to Molly, Grace is an absolute sweetie that is eager to learn and is taking to the new patterns of boarding and training very fast!

BLUE (Husky) : Blue is another puppy imprinting graduate. This handsome guy is a tremendous athlete that is quickly flourishing with his foundational obedience. He is also already a master of obstacles and a treadmill pro!

FINN (Ridgeback X) : Finn comes to RYP with some hefty fear/anxiety that has led to some human aggression. He has been here for about 48 hours and in that time has begun to open up and build confidence as he understands what is being asked of him. Excited to see the journey he takes over the next few weeks :)

JULES (Border Collie) : Jules just joined us for a 4 week board and train while her handlers are out of town. She has some previous obedience training that we are going to tune up and continue to proof while adding in some fun agility work.


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