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RYP ROLL CALL : July Block

The sun is out and the valley is green! Summer has arrived and hot on the heels is some big news happening at RYP this summer. We are excited to be hosting our first (of many) NePoPo® New Gold Schools. I (Chris) am proud to be apart of the NePoPo® family as a Gold Multiplicator! Later this summer an enthusiastic group of dog trainers will join us here on the property from around the country to expand their knowledge/tool kit in NePoPo® as it applies to both the pet and working dog industry. We have a lot of prep work to do here on the property before then so we took on a slightly smaller group of students this month. Meet the faces currently on property underway with their board and train programs!

PERJURY : Black & Tan Coonhound

PEARL : Cairn Terrier




LUPA : Rhodesian Ridgeback

*also for those interested in training programs during warmer months please contact us ASAP. August is full and September/October are starting to fill fast.


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