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RYP ROLL CALL : June Block

RYP ROLL CALL : June Block

Been a busy month at RYP! The yurt was renovated, Liesel and I helicoptered around to do tracking work with the U.S. Army, we had a protection seminar with a guest trainer visiting from Salt Lake AND our operations manager, Caite, celebrated her ##th birthday yesterday haha. Joining us for their board and train programs this month is a dynamic bunch - everything from puppy imprinting grads to dogs with bite records…all are in the process of understanding learning languages and how those languages apply to structure. Once the structure is understood its about handlers understanding how to APPLY these new patterns and skills to build confidence, promote stability or simply give dog outlet for brain. Here is the group that is currently underway in their programs - all are doing great!

DAISY : Aussie FERGUSON : Mini BernaDoodle FRANK : Berger Percard KIDA : Labrador YUKI : Husky NACHO : Yorkiepoo RAGNAR : GSD KODA : Heeler X MAGGIE : Hound X KENAI : GSD MINK : Pitt ZULA: Heeler X


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