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RYP ROLL CALL : March/April Bunch

RYP ROLL CALL : March/April Bunch

Had a wonderful bunch in the past few weeks! As the winter weather returns this crew has done send home lessons. Now, it’s up to handlers to start transitioning skills to their home context. In 3 weeks these dogs and their handlers will return for another lesson to discuss how things have gone and how to best progress forward as a team. That’s our process here at RYP: train the dog - train the handler - give the team a training plan moving forward. Here is a list of who we just wrapped board and trains with:

SAM : GSD ASTRID : GSD MAPLE : Mini Goldendoodle FISHER : Griffon TIA : Malinois DOAKES : Border Collie BRIAR : Border Collie x WALNUT : Shepherd x BECK : GSD HAZEL : Great Dane


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