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RYP Roll Call : Sept 2020 Block

RYP ROLL CALL : September 2020 Block

Got a new batch of recruits traveling in from near and far this week to kick off this month’s board and train block. ��JIMMY (Wolfhound X) : Jimmy traveled in from Jackson Hole to kick off his on leash obedience program. He was a bit nervous in the beginning but is quickly gaining confidence and enjoying the mental challenge of training!

GUNNER (GSD) : Young Gunner joins us from Columbia Falls. Quick learner - easy to teach and head tilt game is already on point.

MISHKA (Husky/GSD) : Mishka was a RYP puppy imprinting graduate that is back on the property for her foundational leash work board and train.

GRETA (Tamaskan) : Greta is a 1 year old Tamaskan here to work on foundational leash work and confidence. She is very unsure of herself and new environments - learning structure/skills will help her navigate chaotic situations by focusing on order as defined by her handler.

WAYLON (Springer Spaniel) : Waylon is in for his foundation leash work obedience program! He has a TON of energy that we are channeling into clearly defined obedience work and games. He is thriving with the structure and work!

BOO (Shitzu) : Boo is a familiar face from Butte back at RYP to begin his off leash board and train program! See, we work little dudes too 🙂


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