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RYP ROLL CALL : Shelter in Place Crew

RYP ROLL CALL : The Shelter in Place Crew

Have a batch of handsome new recruits keeping me company on the property for the next few weeks. To continue to serve Western Montana and practice Covid - 19 distance protocol RYP has shifted handler lesson structure to live online private lessons AND comprehensive streaming content to supplement handler education while dogs are learning here on the property.

Streaming content to supplement board and train clients education has been on my list of to - dos for light of recent events I have been working behind and in front of camera for the past couple weeks and I am very excited to launch this video learning program for clients here soon.

Although this has been a change to typical learning protocol for the human side of the leash, it has been really fun to explore new avenues of education with dedicated and flexible clients!

Stay vigilant and be well to all 👊


RED (Rhodesian Ridgeback): Red was a RYP puppy imprinting rockstar who is now in to learn foundational obedience. Recognizable by the line of reverse direction fur on the spine, the ridgeback is a south african lion hunting dog. Cool breed I don't see too often.

HENRY (Black Lab): Henry visits RYP from Libby. He is a sweet natured guy learning foundational obedience with goals of eventually being a therapy dog to use in a school setting.

DUSKY (Akita/GSD X): Dusky is a big talkative sweet natured guy in for training to learn foundational leash work skills so he can go on more adventures with handlers around Missoula!

RENEGADE (Malinois X): Renegade LOVES to think and problem solve. He was recently rescued by a dedicated handler who wants to learn how to capitalize on Renegade's brain and ability. He is killing it with training already!

MAXX (Malinois): Maxx is a familiar face here at RYP that completed his foundational leash work program back in January. He is in now to transition his 'on leash' skills 'off leash

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