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RYP ROLL CALL : The October Block


Colors changing, temps dipping. Fall is well on its way! Joining us on the property for the next few weeks are some fresh faced recruits ready to take their training to the next level!

VICTOR (Lab) and DARBY (Aussie) : Housemates that joined us last night to begin their on leash foundational board and train program.

FINN and BLU (Goldens) : Another housemate pair that began their board and train programs a couple days ago! They are already taking to training quickly!

YUKON (Black GSD) : Yukon is a foundational board and train graduate that is back on the property for a few weeks to begin her off leash ‘refined k9’ program. Her handlers have done a wonderful job proofing her skills and building her confidence thus far!

LOLA (Husky) : This young Siberian joins us from Helena to begin her on leash foundational board and train program. How bout that parti eye ?!

MAVERICK (Shep X) : Young Maverick joins us from Livingston to begin his foundational board and train program. Let it be known he feels the need for speed and a job to focus on :P

GUNNER (GSD) : Gunner is a RYP Puppy Imprinting graduate that has grown quite a bit since we last saw him! He begins his on leash foundational board and train this week!


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