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RYP's Oaken the Dutch Locks Down his PSA 2 Title

Oaken the Dutch closed his PSA 2 title this past weekend earning first place in the 2s while doing his favorite thing: letting his predatory freak flag fly.

To say I am proud of him is an understatement. He does everything he does with full power and attitude. This year has been one of recovery and rehab for Oaken after he tore a ligament in his knee that set him back quite a bit. We focused on flexibility and stability during rehabilitation and he came onto the field for the Dirty Bandana Working Dogs Bite and Buck II trial ready to cut loose and fly. Special thanks to Carolyn Smith for helping me navigate Oaken's injury and getting him back to 'Flying Dutchman' status.

To succeed in this sport takes a tribe.

Ben Lepinski - Thanks for judging my dog's performance and not my overall character . Seriously though, you are an ambassador for the industry and this sport. Thank you for being a mentor and friend.

Jacob PlascenciaJustin CamposShaun ThankachenHector DelgadoKelsey BowyerMax ChardackJoshua OstingLee J - Could not ask for a better batch of decoys and humans to keep dog's safe, support teams and drive home the culture we strive for at our trials.

To my working dog family here in Montana Dirty Bandana Working Dogs...thank you for hours, advice, bites, position changes, fast/slow/normal pace and post club beers. This trial was legendary because of all of you. This group has come a long way from hand me down sleeves working off backties rigged to truck bumpers in the snow.

Alexa Walsh and Kyle Walsh - you are family. Dog stuff aside, thanks for always showing my wife and kids love and support and bringing the crew sugar and bubbles right before bedtime every time you visit.

The week leading up to and the weekend of the event was amazing. I was surrounded by friends and colleagues from around the country. The culture was amazing - definitely a textured memory that I will never forget.

Cheers and happy training everyone


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