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RYP Tracking Club Moves to Fridays

Liesel Weapon : 'Dad, howsabout we get a weekly tracking club going again?'

Me : 'I like it. How's Friday afternoons?'

Liesel Weapon : 'Oh wow. Yes. That would be great...Also, while we are chatting, howsabout a new tempurpedic bed, a prime rib steak dinner and 500 new tennis balls?'

Me : 'Don't push it.'


Starting this Friday, RYP will be regularly holding a tracking club for existing manhunting and wounded game recovery clients. We will stack the tracks for each team to progress skills and utilize tracking collars to analyze tracks and debrief for continued training.

This will be a co-op style group. $20 drop in rate and each participant will assist with other K9 team's training.

*Pre-requisite for attendance - all teams must have completed a foundational 3 week board and train and private tracking class before being eligible to attend.

Contact for more information!


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