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It all starts here at RYP. Build an enriching training culture for both ends of the leash. From this education you can grow as a team to advanced obedience or working diciplines.
FOB packages are for
 dogs 4+ Months old (see below for puppy training programs)

  • Learn about dog psychology and dogs do...

  • Understand training culture : we want dogs invested in the process of learning with you long term

  • Build markers for rewarding good decisions and progressions

  • Learn how to condition the leash as a directional language. Tactile pressure should be both a gas pedal and a brake allowing you to coach and communicate clearly

  • ​Understand scaffolded process to build behaviors with heart and soul

  •  Transition behaviors into structured commands

  •  Emphasis will be placed on establishing 5 primary utility commands EVERYONE should master 

  • Learn how to proof and generalize skills for practical (real life) application and/or behavior modification

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(Self study): Enroll in our video series and work through the program on your own at home. $175


(With live online coaching): Enroll in our video series and schedule four live online coaching  sessions to give you more personalized, nuanced instruction for you and your dog.



(With in-person coaching): This package includes our video series and four private in-person lessons at RYP. Package includes a cot and a Herm Sprenger prong collar.



(Three week board and train with weekend send home): This package includes our video series and  a three-week Monday - Friday schedule board and train. Your dog will stay on property with us  during the week and the training staff will jumpstart new patterns for you! Come out for lessons on  Fridays and take skills home to practice over the weekend. Package includes a cot and a Herm Sprenger prong collar. Course also comes with three private lessons + one refresher lesson at RYP.



(Three week straight through board and train): This package is best suited for dogs with more extreme behavioral/aggression issues or for clients who want us to give the most immersive jumpstart to new training culture. Package includes a cot and a Herm Sprenger prong collar. You will get our video course and three private lessons + one refresher lesson at RYP with this program.



Along with these commands you will learn how to use these positions to help restructure situations where your dog is currently difficult to manage. Any prior work with dog will be built upon! If your dog already understands sit/down that’s great! Focus will then be placed on refining communication and building implied stay with increased distraction.  

At RYP we put a lot of emphasis on creating calm clearheaded mindsets for learning. A day of training may also include sessions of playing fetch, quiet time outside in the yard or just hanging with trainers on the couch in the yurt. For some dogs we also incorporate treadmill work to take the energy edge off before training sessions!

Does your dog...

  • Bolt out doors?

  • Jump on counters?

  • Greet guests inappropriately?

  • Exhibit resource guarding (food, toys)?

  • Show reactivity to dogs or humans?

No Problem!

See a dog with extreme human aggression be turned around through the use of clear communication and structure. Read more about Max's rehabilitation HERE

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