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She know 'paw'? Nope...but check this out...

I saw this video awhile back…

I thought…ok that’s pretty badass. I want to train my next shep to do that. Now, I am by no means ‘tactically’ trained like the gentlemen in the video above, but I still think the notion of having a dog with obedience/bitework control paired with a firearm in this manner is pretty slick.

Liesel Weapon has therefore been learning the ‘Stealth’ command. Essentially it is a modified attention heel between my legs.

To illustrate her progress see below…

Now to avoid this blog post turning into a soapbox for gun debate I used a spatula in lieu of a firearm. Gun person or not, I think we can ALL agree the spatula is a fantastic tool for flipping eggs…Now lets just focus on the cute German Shepherd...

LW likes this game. We creep around in the woods like a couple of weirdos and she accompanies me to the range to get used to gunfire. Am I a huge nerd? Yes. Will this command ever need to be applied in a life or death situation? Probably not.

But I know that one day we will get asked this question:

Passerby : ‘What a well mannered dog, does she know any tricks like PAW?’

Me: ‘Well, she doesn’t know paw, but hand me that spatula and check this out…’

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