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Police K9 Conference in Las Vegas

Run Your Pack represented at the 5th annual police K9 conference in las vegas last week. This is my second time attending this particular conference - and this year I managed to rope 2 others into making the trip with me : Matt (RYP's Decoy in Training) and Ben (owner of Calibrated K9 in Nashville, TN). Ben ALSO brought along K9 Kato - his black GSD that spent a week learning about SAR tracking/trailing at RYP last year.

Kato is a good student...

Here is a list of the classes that I had the opportunity to attend: - Creating Clarity and Intensity in Bitework

- Training the Remote Detection K-9

- Scent Discriminate K-9 Trailing: The Right Tool For The Right Job

- The Art of the K-9 Handler

- Critical Incident K-9 Application: Myths versus Reality

- Person-Borne Explosives Detection K9s

- Obedience to Odor

- The Decoy Connection

Always nice to gain fresh perspectives on concepts from industry leaders! There is a lot going on right now in the working K9 industry both with LE, Military and private sector. Nice keeping a finger on the pulse of changes and trends in the industry...also nice to do it in a place with 70+ temps when we are having an unusually long winter in Montana...

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