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2019 is shaping up to be a busy year with new and expanding programs here at Run Your Pack. In addition to foundational obedience work we are adding in new and more dynamic programs for bite work/bite sport, tracking/trailing, shed hunting, scent detection and foundational puppy development. To help grow and expand these offerings to clients in the north west - RYP is super excited to announce that we have some new talented additions joining training staff.

To kickoff new trainer introductions - meet Kat Roos.

Many in the Missoula dog community may already know Kat. She is often seen geeking out about dog nutrition at the Holistic Pet Nutrition Center (the best dog food store in Missoula FYI), volunteering at the animal shelter, or trusting her as a dependable house/pet sitter. She has been a driven student at RYP for over 2 years now studying all things obedience, tracking/trailing, scent detection, and most recently, bite work/protection with her working K9 Bart.

Anyone that meets Kat will quickly see her passion and devotion to all things K9s runs deep. RYP is excited to have this driven and hardworking individual join our staff…

…despite her minor character flaws of tracking K9s in the MT backcountry wearing mismatched spanish pants and preferring Hamms beer over anything else.

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