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RYP Assists with Army Evasion Training in Helena

👣🐾 Liesel Weapon and I had a blast assisting with evasion training with the army in Helena yesterday! ⛰ After a hummvee ride to last known location Liesel was presented with a scent article and quickly picked up the track of a fast moving team. For the next 2 hours she tirelessly hunted them covering 5+ miles finding the team on top of a ridge as the sun set. Through sage brush and cactus, over fences, helicopters flying everywhere she did her thing. So proud of this little GSD - stable in changing scenarios and environments and motivated to hunt until the ‘prey’ was found. Good workout for both of us and a privilege to work with our talented armed forces 🇺🇸 #lieselweapon #manhunter #runyourpack #workyourpack #germanshepherd #montana


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