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One of the fastest growing programs at RYP is personal protection and bite work. Anyone that has been successful in developing a stable bite dog understands that it requires a tremendous group effort. Handlers need to understand how to be safe and responsible with their dog while listening to instruction…and trainers need to be patient and observant to work with the dog in front of them to build their confidence and create clarity during drive.

With the RYP PSA club (Protection Sports Association) growing regularly and some new Law Enforcement projects on the horizon we needed another skilled decoy ready to don the suit, get bit and assist with development of K9s at various stages of bite work:

Meet: Dr. Decoy Matt Weaver

Having achieved his PhD in Chemistry last year, it seems this ambitious academic needed a new prompt for education…why not the art of bite work? From his first bite to now, Matt has shown a keen sense in reading dogs, understanding drive capping and channeling all while working to build up bite K9s and keep them safe in the process.

Takes a certain kind of person to enjoy spending time in the suit. Takes a certain kind of crazy to become driven to study the art of being bitten by dogs - Matt is our kind of crazy. He is constantly absorbing educational content, studying videos, and critiquing/refining his ability. RYP is thrilled to have another decoy join the staff as the interest in proper bite work/bite sports continues to grow in Western Montana.

If you see him downtown with a fresh set of bruises on his arms and legs perhaps tip your hat to him and buy him a pint because it not only takes nerves to do what he does, it takes time and skill to stay calm and train the dog while being bitten and thrashed around...

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