RYP ROLL CALL : Hot Cold Crew 7.1.19

As temperatures become more ‘summer esque’ we are training in sandals and shorts here at RYP. Dogs are romping in the training yard and splashing in kiddie pools between sessions. The yurt, in all its insulated winter cozy glory, becomes an oppressive hot box around 2pm right now. Once a struggle that could not be traditionally remedied as an off grid home….this structure now entering into the glory of grid tied power with…voila…an AC unit. Oaken helped me pick it out and we will be installing it later today. Cannot wait to beat the heat this summer by working dogs in the (soon to be climate controlled) round dojo! And to help break in the cool oasis is a new batch of recruits kicking off their training programs this week:

HANS (Malinois) : Hans is a puppy imprinting stud that has worked on wounded game tracking, nose work, and bite work. He is in for the next 2 months to learn on / off obedience with a focus on PSA prep as he and his handler are active club members gearing up for trials next year!

DAWA (Groenendael) : Dawa is a 5 month old pup that also completed the RYP puppy imprinting program. A more rare variety of Belgian shepherd, this sweet girl is kicking off her on leash obedience program. This is the first time working this breed in a board and train setting - really looking forward to seeing how she learns and processes concepts.

LEE (ShepX) : Lee is a sweet shep cross that is kicking off her on leash obedience program this week. She gets very energized by high pitch falsetto voice and dancing around so we are having fun tapping into that motivation to reward new concepts learned haha.

BEAR (GSD) : Big bear is a huge but gentle GSD that is in from Anaconda to learn some leash manners and to facilitate his working brain a bit more. He is already shaping up into a polite walker?

SPARKY (HeelerX) : Sparky is kicking off his on leash obedience program. He is a bit nervous but is opening up quickly as he begins to learn the communication and structure being taught to him. Focus on the work not the stressor = calm and confident dog.

VALKYRIE (GSD) : Valkyrie is a czech shepherd returning from Kalispell to continue her obedience program. For the next few weeks we will transition understood on leash concepts to off leash. Her handler has been incredibly dedicated - putting in the work since Val was last here in Nov. Looking forward to leveling them both up!

TOBIE (ShepX) : Tobie lives with Valkyrie and is kicking off his on leash obedience program. It is important to teach multi dog households training concepts 1 at a time to build clarity and understanding with minimal distractions. THEN once concepts are understood you can bring them together to practice with the distraction of each other. #packharmony

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