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RYP Roll Call 06/18/20

New batch of recruits kicking off their board and train programs this week. All 6 of these fresh faces are starting their foundational obedience 3 week on leash program with various goals for application!

KIMBER (GSD) - Kimber joins us from Thompson Falls. She has a very foxy/Wiley look doesn’t she? Taking to training very well!

WINSTON (Chihuahua X) - Winston is a sweet boy that has some anxiety in chaos/changing conditions. The structure he is learning will give him order to focus on so we can reward calm mindset and build confidence! He is doing great so far!

HANK (Aussie x) - Hank is an energetic little dude that has quickly taken to training, treadmill, games and anything we throw at him. He LOVES to work!

KONA (Rottie) - Kona was recently a puppy imprinting rockstar. She is now in to begin her formal obedience program! Absolute sweetie!

HUDSON (Aussie) - Hudson joins us from Helena with some human fear reactivity that we are working through. In 1 day, with patient encouraging and clear structure, he is (literally) taking food out of our hands and blossoming with confidence!

SIG (GSD) - This handsome Czech shepherd was a puppy imprinting rockstar as well. His head tilt game is strong and he is rocking his obedience work so far!


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