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Taming the Beast! K9 Olivia Wraps Her 3 Week Program

What was once a powerhouse of stress and reactivity using bark and tooth to push people away from getting close to her owner/her bed and her couch...this little chorkie and her handlers now have tools and a game plan to focus on to continue her positive change. What is already evident with this structure is that Olivia is becoming a much calmer and more confident dog eager to please and engage with her humans in dynamic environments. With her small size we relied heavily on using the ‘climb’ command to give her clearly defined tasks to focus on en lieu of shouldering the perceived stress of other humans being around / in her space. And yes, I recognize the irony of teaching her to climb on a bite sleeve to keep her from wanting to bite...#wetrainlittledogstoo #chorkie #gooddog #runyourpack #dogtrainingintheround

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