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COMING SPRING 2019: Wounded Game Recovery/Blood Tracking

Kicking off Spring 2019 : RYP will be offering wounded game recovery/blood tracking programs!

The lawful use of K9s for wounded game recovery has been legally allowed in the state of Montana since 2011. Here is a description of the limitations broken down clearly on the United Blood Trackers website : Montana- On April 22, 2011 Montana Senate Bill 135 allowing the use of dogs to track wounded game (and carrying firearms during such tracking), was signed by the Governor. The text of the relevant section reads: (a) A person with a valid hunting license issued pursuant to Title 87, chapter 2, may use a dog to track a wounded game animal during an appropriate open season. Any person using a dog in this manner: (i) shall maintain physical control of the dog at all times by means of a maximum 50-foot lead attached to the dog's collar or harness; (ii) during the general season, whether handling or accompanying the dog, shall wear hunter orange material pursuant to 87-3-302; (iii) may carry any weapon allowed by law; (iv) may dispose of the wounded game animal using any weapon allowed by the valid hunting license; and (v) shall immediately tag an animal that has been reduced to possession in accordance with 87-2-509. (b) Dog handlers tracking a wounded game animal with a dog are exempt from licensing requirements under Title 87, chapter 2, as long as they are accompanied by the licensed hunter who wounded the game animal."

Here is a link to the most recent Montana Code Annotated laws regarding dogs and wildlife. That all being said RYP is excited to offer this service and program to the local community around Missoula. We have a dedicated and ethical hunting community here in western MT. Despite that, accidents happen and animals can get injured and disappear during hunting season. Why not then deploy your own trained tracking dog to assist with the ethical recovery of that animal? Program will be geared as a board and train with handler training private lessons combined. Best breeds for blood tracking : Hounds, German Shepherds, Malinois/Dutch Shepherds, Labs even Dachshunds (these little dudes are blood tracking dynamos actually). Any dog can track - some may just have more natural drive for it than others.

Openings for this program begin Spring 2019 : Contact for more information on turning your own K9 into a valuable hunting asset!

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