RYP ROLL CALL : Blizzard Brigade

RYP Roll Call : Blizzard Brigade Seems winter really wants to hang out for awhile this year. 3 degrees, strong winds, heavy snow...The yurt dojo is toasty and inviting for training...the kennel is warm and dry...all the space between the 2 is a bit of a cold treacherous nightmare right now haha. Doesn't stop this crew from putting in the reps: REX (GSD) : Rex is in from Montana GermanShepherd BelgianMalinois Rescue. He is being tuned up for adoption. He is a really nice dog that is looking for a new home! Before a new handler adopts Rex I am tuning up some of his leash skills! Contact MT GSD rescue if you are interested in adopting Rex! Feel free to call RYP to find out more about him as well.

VALKYRIE (GSD) : Wrapping up her on leash program this week. This young pup and her owner have made tremendous strides in training. She even showed some promise when we tested her for PSA/Protection work!

MAX (GSD) : Max is another pup in from Montana GermanShepherd BelgianMalinois Rescue. He has made a TREMENDOUS positive turnaround and I am excited to announce he has a human lined up to adopt him into a new dedicated forever home. Have already started the transition process to his new handler which will continue throughout this week. Really really pumped for this guy - he is super sweet and is thriving with structure.

BELLA (Goldendoodle) : Bella is wrapping up her foundational on leash program this week. Despite the blizzard and all the shepherds she can still run with the big dogs. Her enthusiasm and obedience is on point and getting her to exercise calm impulse control around distractions will be extremely important this spring as her humans introduce a new (human) pack member to the dynamic in April.

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