RYP Roll Call : Paws for Thaws Crew

Finally. Spring is beginning to rear it's glorious head as temps hover in the 30s. Icicles are dripping and the 8' berms surrounding the kennel have begun the slow decent into runoff (that being said anyone in the western MT area have a flamethrower? I wouldn't mind speeding up the process)...Joining me in these balmy double digits is a crew composed of new and familiar faces:

REX (GSD) : Rex is currently up for adoption through Montana GermanShepherd BelgianMalinois Rescue. He is a big handsome boy that is doing tremendously well with his training. Looking for a stoic guard dog that will work well on leash with a dedicated handler? Look no further. Rex will come with training sessions here at RYP to transfer skills to whoever adopts him!

MAYA (Czech GSD): Maya is a new recruit here at RYP that started her foundational obedience program this week. Maya came here quite a puller - she is picking up skills quickly learning that it is fun and relaxing to not fight the holder of the leash!

ENZO (Logotto) : Enzo is a RYP puppy imprinting rockstar who is back on the property for his 3 week foundational obedience program. This is a nifty little dude that driven to work. Logotto's are a rarer breed - always fun to see how different breeds tick!

ZETA (ShepX) : Zeta completed her 3 week on leash program last Jan - her owners did a FANTASTIC job maintaining and progressing her skills. Now she is back for another 3 weeks to take her skills off leash.

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