RYP ROLL CALL 040119 : Mud Dogs Crew

RYP Roll Call : Mud Dogs Crew

The long stubborn winter is finally loosening it’s grip and I have pockets of mud all over the property now. This is that time of year when being constantly dirty is just something to embrace not avoid. Muddy 🐾 and 🥾prints paint the dojo floor - I figure the bigger the mess each day, the more learning is going on haha. Meet the new recruits kicking off their board and train programs...

ZOEY : (HeelerX) Zoey made the trip back down from Kalispell to take her on leash skills off leash. Her owner is an active runner/biker/hiker etc - excited to teach her the freedom that comes from clear comm with her handler.

MISHKA (NewfieX): Mishka is in kicking off his on leash program. At 7 years young he will show that older dogs can definitely learn new tricks ;).

TOVIE (Shep/Mastiff) : Tovie is in to take her on leash skills off leash. Tovie’s owner has been trained by some affiliate trainers down in Missouri (Tom Rose School). I am picking up where he left off to teach her the language of off leash communication!

BUDDY (GSDx) : Last I saw buddy he was a little guy in for puppy imprinting - now 10 months old he is in to learn the language and dance of on leash communication.

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