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It’s Time.

It’s time. Not sure about all you - but in my house…the moment Thanksgiving Dinner is digested…it’s Christmas Time.

The tree gets harvested, the lights and ornaments go up, and xmas movies start rolling on the tv!

We hope all of you had a wonderful thanksgiving and are enjoying the transition to holiday time! Our training programs are all booked out through the rest of the year and we have a busy year coming up in 2024 :

  • Foundational/Advanced Obedience Board and Train Programs

  • Working Dog Seminars

  • NePoPo® New Gold Schools

  • PSA competitions

  • Project Dogs

  • New Online Courses on Work Your Pack

And more!We are currently filling the January/February/March calendar with board and train programs! Drop a line to if you would like to schedule a time to jump on a call to discuss our programs and how they can work to create pack harmony in a modern world for you and your family.

Bundle up, crank that Mariah Carey and welcome to Christmas Time!

CheersRYP Team


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