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For those that do not know, my wife and I are expecting our first kiddo this June! We are very excited and so is the shepherd crew.

That being said I will be taking a Sa-dad-ical this summer to focus on being a new parent. I know here in Montana with snow on the ground it is hard to think about planning for this summer but I wanted to give everyone a heads up that training availability will become limited starting June. For those that were interested in doing a RYP training program the time is now to get in a free evaluation as the calendar is booking up for the spring!

All I am currently offering is stay and train packages for new clients and private lessons for existing clients that have already completed stay and train package. Space is limited to 3 dogs at a time for foundational stay and trains.

March is just about booked up and April and May are filling up quickly! Give RYP a shout ASAP if you are interested in training for you and your pack this spring!



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