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RYP ROLL CALL: late April Block

Suns out and the wildflowers are starting to dot the hillsides at RYP. We had a busy late April and May is charging up!

We had a great Law Enforcment Tracking seminar with handlers from around Montana. We launched our comprehensive e-collar video series (Advanced Obedience NePoPo®️ Style) on Work Your Pack and we launched a new program structure that builds off students watching our video courses BEFORE starting in person or live online lessons.

Joining us during that time has been a fantastic bunch of dogs enrolled in both our FOB 4 and FOB 5 board and train programs! See the lineup below!

KAI : Malinois

DEEBO : American Bully

DEJA : American Bully


MARTY : Old English Bulldog

BRU : Golden Retriever

TANGO : Malinois

Interested in finding out more about our programs? See packages and pricing here:


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